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At Danisa's Wholesale Fresh Flowers, Inc. we are committed to providing you with high quality farm direct flowers.

We have chosen the best farms to ensure you receive the best fresh-cut flowers on the market.

Our farm direct flowers travel under cold chain management before arriving to you.

Our flowers are checked before they are packed to ensure the highest quality standards.

We deliver our flowers fresh-cut and ready for hydration. After receiving your flowers, immediately cut them and put them in fresh water.

Danisa's Wholesale Fresh Flowers, Inc. will not be liable for products mishandled by customers. Make sure you read our Flower Care instructions.

Returning Your Flowers

If you are not satisfied with your flower shipment, please call Danisa’s Wholesale Fresh Flowers, Inc. IMMEDIATELY after opening your boxes and before the flowers are processed. All complaints and returns must be communicated verbally within 24 hours of receipt of the product to the salesman in charge of your account. Please make sure to specify the invoice number and return all the product for quality inspection otherwise your claim will not be accepted and no refund will be granted. In some cases, in order to accept your claim, we will request digital pictures.

Credit Notes or Refunds will be granted for the amount of the purchased product only.

We recommend to all our customers that a representative be present at the time for delivery. It is the customer's responsibility to handle flowers properly. Danisa’s Wholesale Fresh Flowers, Inc will not be responsible for stolen boxes, damaged flowers as a result of bad weather conditions, damaged products caused by the customer not being present at the time of delivery or delays as a result of Customs and Agricultural inspections.