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How Do I Place an order?

You can place orders online, by callingus directly at 301-585-7337, or via email. Our sales representatives are available to speak during hours of operation.

Can I order from overseas?

Absolutely! We accept most major international credit cards and Paypal. That said, please keep in mind that orders will only be shipped to U.S. destinations.

For sure! Our company is part-wholesale, part-retail, and part- e-commerce.

If you don't feel comfortable placing an order online, please give us a call at 301-585-7337, email us at or come visit our warehouse!

Will my flowers be the same color as the picture?

In our picture display, the flowers are as true as true to the color as possible, a 100% match is very difficult to guarantee. Firstly, your computer screen settings may cause the image to appear slightly different than the original photograph. Secondly, flowers are not always 100% equal as they are living creatures affected by Mother Nature. Flowers tend to slightly change tones according to the weather conditions.

Can I customize my order?

You can customize your order in terms of flower quantities, flower varieties, and/or flower colors. Additionally, our flower experts work closely with customers to tailor large flower orders for DIY weddings, events, and other occasions. Our knowledgeable flower experts are here to help provide tailored recommendations and inspiration to make your vision come to life.